NEW BICYCLE from One Man's Answers to Prayer

In One Man's Answers to Prayer Arthur Custance used incidents from a journal he had kept for forty years for examples of the Lord's faithfulness in answering his prayers.   Although not really an answer to a prayer, since he had not really prayed about it, the following is clear witness to the fact that God delights to care for His children:

I used to ride down to university on a bicycle -- old when I inherited it and certainly nearing the end of its useful life by this time.   One morning I rode down to Knox Church in Toronto to visit with Christie Innis, the minister. I parked my bicycle at the curb outside the church office.   Curiously, in those days one could safely leave a bicycle unlocked . . . though so many people were desperately in need.
Knox Church, Toronto
Arthur C Custance (1910-1985) English-born Canadian anthropologist wrote 6 books and more than 60 papers on science and Christianity. His Ph.D. in anthropology was from the University of Ottawa and his M.A. in Hebrew and Greek from the University of Toronto.

When I came out about a half-hour later, my bicycle was lying at the curb a total wreck: it had evidently been run over by a car.   It was a severe loss in the circumstances.   But as I looked at what was left of it, I noticed a little slip of paper had been pushed into one of the open handlebar ends. On it was written the words, "Dis is the nobbin of the car."   Clearly the writer was not exactly an educated man, but he must have seen what had happened, and the Lord prompted him to send me this little message.   At any rate, a lawyer friend of mine wrote a note to the owner of the car demanding some compensation for me.   No doubt the driver was surprised that he had been seen, but there was not much he could do but replace the bicycle: and it turned out he was actually well able to do so.   And so I had a new bicycle just when mine was about worn out, and I learned again the truth of the promise that all things work together for good to them who love the Lord (Romans 8:28).

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