The Christian Ring

Anglican National Historic Sites of Canada
Twenty-five Anglican Churches have been designated as National Historic Sites.   They include: St John's Anglican Church, St John, New Brunswick, one of earliest Gothic Revival churches in Canada, built 1824-25.

Parishes and Clergy of Huron in 1857
The history of Anglican clergy in southwestern Ontario from its missionaries through to the establishment of the Diocese of Huron and its bishops: Benjamin Cronyn; Isaac Hellmuth; Maurice Baldwin.

Ontario's Anglican Bishops
Ontario's Anglican Bishops are shown while attending the triennial Provincial Synod on October 12, 2006 at St. James Church, Stratford, Ontario. Link to biographies of Ontario's first bishops in the 19th century.

Fresh Expressions
Large number of groups of people in the U.K. that are characterised by lack of formal adherence to traditional patterns of church life, language and meeting places.

Saint Eloi, Patron Saint of Metalworkers
Saint Eloi was a metalworker, founder of a monastery and Bishop of Noyon, France.   The page features Legend of St. Éloi, the first of the major works of Flemish painter Petrus Christus.

Stations of the Cross
Stations of the Cross depict the final hours of Jesus and the immediate aftermath.   Each of the 14 stations, in addition to representing an event, signifies the actual site of the event in Jerusalem or on Calvary.

One Man's Answers to Prayer
Arthur Custance used incidents from a journal he had kept for forty years for examples of the Lord's faithfulness in answering his prayers, including this incident with a bicycle that shows that God delights to care for His children.

The Christian Perspective on Science
Michael Shoesmith writes that as Christians we are obliged to respect the logic and apply real science to real life. Countless lives have been extended and a great deal of pain has been relieved over the centuries by applying real science. We thank God for it.

Tobit and Tobias
The Book of Tobit is placed with the Apocrypha among Protestants. It tells the story of Tobit who became blind. He held fast to his faith in spite of his misfortune and was rewarded by having his sight restored.

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