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Aidan of Lindisfarne
Saint Aidan was a seventh-century monk, who converted Northumbria to Christianity and founded the monastery on Holy Island off the northeast coast of England.

Resolution of Conflict
If we truly love the Lord of the world more than we love the world, then we can truly live with as little conflict as possible and find more time to spend in prayer speaking to our God.

How to Grow in Discernment

10 suggestions by Rebecca Livermore, Christian speaker and writer from Denver, Colorado. Her passion is helping people grow spiritually.

Sharing Our Blessings
Let's share our blessings willingly, but quietly, so as not to bring attention upon ourselves. If anyone should receive the added blessing of praise and glory, let it be God!

Saint Stephen the Protomartyr

Stephen was one of Jerusalem's early Christian deacons. Stephen was stoned to death and is considered the first Christian martyr.

How to Destroy Your Church: Don't Look in the Mirror
If you want to destroy your church, you should never - figuratively speaking - 'look in the mirror.' Don't spend time examining yourself for sin. Don't put your words, actions, attitudes, and thoughts to the test. Don't do group evaluations to see whether the church, the leadership team, the committees, etc. are on target scripturally, or are perhaps heading off the straight and narrow down the path of sin.

Personal Evangelism

Are You Really Ready For This? by Robert Baines discusses the subject of personal evangelism. Among the issues noted are starting with familiar people, sharing the Plan of Salvation, and following up.

The Sacrifice

A poem by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul.

Passing Judgment, Judging Rightly
There is a great difference between passing judgment and making sound judgments. The scripture condemns the former and encourages the latter. Passing judgment is condemning without grace and mercy as though we have the authority to do so. Making sound judgments means to distinguish between good and evil and then choose the good.
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