Saint Eloi

According to legend, Saint Éloi, a metalworker, built two thrones for French king Clotaire II out of the metal intended for only one throne.   Éloi subsequently became master of the mint for Clotaire.   He was also adviser to Clotaire's son, Dagobert I.   Éloi founded the monastery of Solignac, France, and in 639 was consecrated bishop.   In 1641 he became bishop of Noyon, France.

Legend of St. Éloi, shown left, was the first of the major works of Flemish painter Petrus Christus (1420?-1472?).   It shows St. Éloi looking up from his work as a goldsmith at the fair Godebertha whose father had brought her to the city in search of a husband.   St. Éloi, touched by her sweetness and purity, and reading her inmost desire, placed a ring on her finger with the words, "I betroth thee to Christ."

Saint Éloi (588?-660), also known as Saint Eligius, is the patron saint of metalworkers.   His feast day is December 1.

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